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Water Cost/Audit Reduction Surveys and Contract Services

Water cost reduction surveys and contracts provided by HF Groups Mechanical Services.

The supply of water in the UK has always been a tightly regulated marketplace in the UK which creates the misconception that there is very little savings to be made. This does not however mean that businesses across Great Britain should just pay the invoice they get from existing suppliers at the end of the month.

With changes that came into place on April 2017, HF Group strengthened its Water cost reduction surveys and contracts services to ensure that we exceed the demands placed on us from customers looking to make savings from their existing suppliers.

At HF Group, we can conduct an in-depth analysis of your water expenditure.

We are proven water audit specialists with an outstanding track record for saving our customers money on their water costs.

water cost reduction audit for UK businesses

How does it work?

Our water audit service begins with an in-depth survey of our customers current, historic and projected future water bills based on the current set up. If your business covered multiple sites, we will include this in our report. We do this to help spot the obscure charges you may currently be paying and highlight the clear costs of what you should be paying for your water costs.

Because manufacturing and plant operations generally use higher volumes of water, we may ask for more information specific to your business.

What the report shows

Our water cost reduction audit will cover cost cutting suggestions and recommendations to improve your businesses water efficiency that are both environmentally beneficial AND will reduce future costs.

To find out more about our Water Cost Reduction Surveys and Contract Services across the UK, contact one of our offices in Scotland, England or Ireland or fill in the contact form below.

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