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Water Chlorination Certificate Services

Water Chlorination Certificate Services

At HF Group, through our Mechanical and Plumbing Services divisions, we can provide our customer with Water Chlorination Certificates.

A water chlorination certificate is required to prove to local water companies and water boards that you have chlorinated your water system.

There are many reasons why you will need to have a chlorination service carried out. If your property or facility has had a new water supply and pipework fitted or there has been a new installation to commercial water systems, you will need a water chlorination certificate. If your water system has tested positive for bacteria results, you will need to have a chlorination service carried out.

As specified in BS 8558:2011, where necessary, the cold and hot water in your premises should be cleaned, flushed and disinfected. This is required when:

  • Systems have been out of service for extended periods of time.
  • There is evidence of contamination or water stagnation in tanks.
  • There has been significant alterations and work carried out to systems.
  • There has been an outbreak of legionella (find out more about Legionella Testing).
  • Requested by Risk Assessment.
  • There have been new components added.

What happens during a water chlorination?

  • RAMS Issued.
  • Water flushed.
  • Chemical Disinfection carried out.
  • Water Flush.
  • Water Sampling is carried out.
  • Upon successful completion, we issue you with a water chlorination certificate.

Our water chlorination service is carried out by our fully trained engineers. Because local water authorities often have different water chlorination specifications, we can consult you on the correct specifications for your location.

Find out more

To find out more about our Water Chlorination Service and Certification process, please contact our Mechanical Services division today by calling 0800 783 9480 or by emailing info@hf-group.co.uk

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