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density control systems for coronavirus

Density Control Systems

To help prevent the spread of close range airborn diseases such as Covid-19, effective crowd control measures can be implemented across buildings and facilities as a solution for limiting the number of people able to access an indoor space.

Introducing Density Control.


A crowd control technology system that can be integrated in order to automatically provide a clear system to avoid overcrowding and help to reduce the chances of spreading diseases such as Covid-19.

A system to suit the smaller shops and larger stores

The range of density control systems that we offer can be tailored to suit businesses big or small across the UK.  From single door camera systems that are perfect for the smaller standalone shops to larger scale systems that can incorporate a ‘traffic light’ system to help manage the number of customers inside a larger store.

The system can even be tailored to stores that have multiple entrance/exit doorways.

How does it work?

The density control system is very simple.  Using a green/red signalling system to display both the number of people currently in a store and control when new customers can enter.  The ‘people counting’ camera that forms the core element of the system can be easily integrated into an existing business premises set up while the visual monitor element can be positioned in an easily visible spot at the entranceway for maximum exposure to customers.  The end result – a clearly visible, technology based counting system to control the number of people able to enter a store at any given time.



At HF Group, our combination of experience, heritage and skills across all of our divisions for Electrical to Fire & Security makes us perfectly placed to help design and install effective infection control systems that can help your business with its density control whilst helping to prevent the spread of diseases for the future.

To find out more about our range of Infection Control products and services, please contact us.


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