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Efficiency / Energy Reports for Electrical Sector

Energy reports and efficiency reports from HF Electrical can provide our clients with detailed analysis reporting using the latest Energy Analyser test equipment.  This provides our highly valued clients the chance to monitor their energy efficiency usage over a set period of time so that they are on top of current usage and can begin implementing new procedures.  This will help to reduce their energy requirements and usage as a direct way or reducing their yearly energy costs whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

At HF we can offer a free visit to your premises and discuss potential energy and efficiency opportunities.
We can offer advice into how you can do your own survey and assist with the review and come up with recommendations as well as cost planning information in terms of usage and payback periods on any upgrades. Or we utilise our team of experts and carry out a full audit and simply submit our findings for your review.

An energy survey / efficiency report is a review of how energy is being consumed throughout a property and it includes visual and physical inspection of equipment being used whilst also considering the building fabric.
The keys items to consider in terms of electrical is the in mains points in terms of electrical would be the condition and age of the installation and the power consumption being used by the various electrical items within.

Through our Electrical Services division, we provide this energy report service where the duration of monitoring can be set to any length of time required by you the client. We can offer the efficiency/energy data in straight forward to understand media so that the information can be easily transferred through the departments of your business for maximum efficiency implementation.

Through other services within the Electrical division of HF Group, we can proudly provide related services that can offer our customers a more comprehensive and detailed service that can enhance further their efficiency / energy usage. 

To find out a full range of energy reports we can offer, please contact one of our offices across the UK.

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