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radio site decommissioning in the UK

Radio Site Decommissioning in the UK

Throughout the UK, there are numerous radio towers that are requiring decommissioning.

If you, as a communications operator have been consolidating your networks or are indeed site providers who wish Telecom Installations to be removed from your land then HF Comms can provide a radio site decommissioning and removal service.  With offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester and Belfast, we, as part of the HF Group, have been successfully decommissioned all types of radio sites including but not limited too full metal tower site decommissioning.  With us, it goes beyond simply removing the visible tower, we also carry out the task of breaking out all concrete block foundations and restoring the sites/plots back to their original state before the radio site had been built.  At the end of the decommissioning process, it will be as if a Telecoms Installation had never been present.

As a part of HF Comms range of communications services throughout the UK, our radio site decommissioning services are carried out across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and includes metal towers and full concrete structures.  With established concrete towers, we have broken down the concrete radio site structure and restored the plot to ‘greenfield’.

In some cases of radio site decommissioning, some communication operators or vendors may request or require their technical equipment returned to them.  At HF Comms, we can offer a full equipment refurbishment program including full logistical tracking and management of the communication operator or vendors assets.

To find out more about our Communications Services and our radio site decommissioning services across the UK, contact one of our offices in Scotland, England or Ireland.

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