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Arqiva, Pontyberem – Tower Upgrade, Wales

Client: Arqiva
Project length: 4 Months
Project value: £50k
Completion date: October 2018
HF divisions involved: Comms

Brief project description: HF Comms were engaged by our client to upgrade an existing mobile phone communication tower in a remote part of Wales. Our scope of work was to install a 3 face headframe on an existing Arqiva asset replacing existing technology and enabling future growth and upgrade works.

Project Challenges: The remoteness and rural location meant that access to the site was considered difficult. The access route chosen by the site provider meant that should we use typical methods of access equipment such as trackway then significant damage over a large area would have been caused and the cost would have been high. To overcome this, we employed a specialist tracked crane to negotiate the steep terrain whilst causing minimal damage to the land. The method employed to deliver this site brought the following benefits;

– Cost saving of £25k to the client
– Minimal damage to site during access
– Accelerated Project Delivery
– Minimal outage / downtime of client asset / technology
– No requirement for a temporary tower
– Site Provider happy with time on site, end result and reinstatement


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