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Arqiva – Antennas Replacement

Client: Arqiva
Project length: 1 Year
Project value: £22k
Completion date: March 2019
HF divisions involved: Comms

Brief project description:  Removal of existing 3 x H3G and EE Racal 2212 antennas and replacing with 3 x new Commscope antennas. Also, the addition of 6 x new feeders, utilising the existing cable trays/feeder management system. Feeder trays and antennas mounted to the side of the gas holder, as shown in the pictures below.

Project Challenges : The biggest challenge we had with this project was the access to the gas site. There were vehicles parked all around the gas holder. 2 x MEWPs were required to facilitate the running of the feeder. One would be used to secure the feeder in multiple positions as it was pulled through. Having access to the necessary berthing positions for the MEWPs was essential in ensuring the work would be successful.

This was overcome by close coordination with SGN, as the owners of the structure, Arqiva, and our MEWP supplier and rigging team. We were also required to coordinate our activities with Nokia, as they were undertaking works on the ground-based cabin, in conjunction with our works.

Due to diligent planning, and close monitoring during the build period, the project was a complete success, finishing with a significant profit, and resulting in praise from the Arqiva PM, as he appreciated the difficulties overcome.

“Well done on this one as it was a horrible site to get access to and pass the SGN ‘roadblock’. Major site for customer as well”



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