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EV Charging without off street parking

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While you may assume that electric vehicle charging is only reserved for those with off street parking, there are options available for those who have to leave their vehicle on the street overnight.

Being able to charge an electric vehicle is not just reserved for those with garages, driveways and other off street parking options because while the majority of homeowners in the UK (60/40) have some form of off street parking that will allow them to recharge their electric vehicle, the infrastructure that is being put into place is creating a whole range of options for those wanting to make the switch to electric vehicles but are worried about charging options.

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Supermarkets and Retail stores

More and more supermarkets and other retail stores are having EV charging points added to their car parks as a sales tool to increase foot traffic.  For supermarkets, it is a great way of keeping customers shopping for longer or taking advantage of the in house cafe/restaurant facilities that so many of them now have.  For retail outlets such as a furniture store, it is a great way to attract customers to their show rooms for a browse in person.

Gyms/Leisure Centres

If you are a member of a gym that has electric vehicle charging facilities then you can recharge your vehicles battery while you enjoy a swim or workout.

Workplace Charging

Office buildings on the outskirts of Towns are now installing more ev charging points as their employees switch to Electric vehicles.  You can now charge your vehicle the whole time you are at work.

On Street Charging

There are new on street charging options becoming more readily available and while they may not be available in your location right now, it is only a matter of time as with more and more drivers switching to EV, the demand for these charging systems is only increasing.

Running an extension cable

Your plugs at home are deemed as ‘slow chargers’. It can take around 30 hours to fully charge a modern electric car from empty to full using a 3-pin plug. Most car manufacturers recommend a three-pin socket method of charging as the last resort but if you are desperately struggling to charge your electric vehicle using any other method, this is still a viable, sporadic option.

With more advances, the need to charge all the time is reducing

While there will always be those with ‘range anxiety’, modern electric vehicles can cover hundreds of miles between charges.  That means that there is less need to charge your electric vehicle. And that means that there is less need/worry about having to have off street parking to facilitate your recharging.

If you drive (for example), 50 miles a week going back and forth between work then you can very easily replenish this electric energy during a weekly supermarket shop or trip to the gym.

Did you know?

There are currently incentive grants available for both domestic and commercial use that can lower the up front costs of installing an EV Charge Point?

Find out if you are eligible. All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions.

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