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Kinning Park Complex

Client: Kinning Park Complex
Project length: 20 weeks
Project value: £700k +
Completion date: March 2022
HF divisions involved: Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Heating & AC, Fire & Security, Automated Controls

Brief project description: HF were contracted to complete the Electrical, Mechanical and Fire & Security work for the refurbishment of the old Kinning Park Primary School that has been used as a local community centre since 1979. The job required multiple divisions of the HF Group included Automated Controls to be utilised as we help convert the historic building up to modern standards.

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electrical contractor for commercial work

Electrical – Our electrical division were responsible for the complete installation of brand new mains power source, including upgraded CT metering and the installation of Distribution Boards throughout the building. As part of the complete rewiring of the building, we also fitted new electrical wiring from local distribution boards to new LED light fittings (and refurbished and upgraded fittings) as well as additional small power outlets.

The architectural designs required for the job included dimming controlled lighting in set ground and first floor open plan areas.

Working alongside our Mechanical division, we were responsible for the installation of new commercial kitchen equipment and the installation of Smoke Vent controls (required by our Fire & Security Division) that were connected to the roof Velux windows with main and remote panels located as required.

An elevator was installed by a specialist lift fitting contractor and to ensure the building was compliant, we a installed disabled refuge system on all main and half landing levels of the building that can be used in the event of an emergency.

We ensured that we stayed in close contact with our fellow contractors within HF to assist with power supplies and control requirements where necessary.

mechanical contractor for hvac plumbing and heating services

Mechanical – Our Mechanical Division were tasked with the installation of the buildings brand new central heating system and plumbing system.  This included everything from new combi boilers to radiators, pipping, sink units, toilets and showers.

Because of the age of the building, we fitted a new Gas supply for both boilers and kitchen cooking equipment.

Our HVAC team were also tasked with installing new ventilation and extraction systems throughout the building.

fire & security installers

Fire & Security – Our Fire & Security engineers installed a brand new L2 fire alarm system throughout the building that connected to various Mechanical installed gas systems.  We fitted a variety of Security devices and CCTV cameras across the site ranging from tamper alarms on windows to motion sensors in hallways, bell boxes and security lighting outside. We installed video and pin code Access Control Systems that use simple to operate control handsets installed and interlinked across all offices throughout the building.

Controls Jobs

Controls – Our Automated Controls team were contracted to design, build and install a main control panel for the site that would be located within the plant room of the building. The control system included wire to all valves and pumps and was linked with newly installed zonal thermostats throughout all levels of the structure. The controls system our team designed included built and wired controls for kitchen extract and intake fans as well as heating battery controls for both the kitchen and ground floor toilet areas.

Project Challenges:
The architect/interior designers wanted to keep the authentic rustic look and feel of the original school building where possible.  This meant that we had to work around existing interior design features. The Kinning Park Complex was originally built in 1910 as the science block of Lambhill Street Secondary School.  Due to the age of the building, difficult access restrictions and the complex nature of rewiring such an old building while installing new plumbing and heating systems – all while ensuring that the building met the latest fire and security standards –  understandably had its challenges.  But as ‘A Company Well Connected’, we can provide Electrical, Mechanical, Fire & Security as well as Control System services all under the one roof.  This means that through experience, skill and inhouse communication, our team were able to work through any obstacle that popped up during the site fitting.


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The HF Group of companies offers clients an unsurpassed level of genuinely in-house capabilities and senior-level hands-on management from initial planning to final handover. For our customers, it gives them the opportunity to tap into a wide range of services and a team of consultants with a skills base and command of technologies which are second to none. We have diversified and developed abreast of industry advancements and have grown into a group of world-class companies leading the way in next-generation technologies; and all with a family continuity at management level which is rarely seen. Faced with today’s business challenges – recessions, pandemics, takeovers and mergers, this is testament to HF’s truly outstanding approach.

Hugh M Fulton – Group Chairman says:

“Experience shows. Our strong ‘family’ system is based on cohesion, flexibility and communication. We have a proven track record of delivering results and a truly quality service.”

a company well connected

Clearways Yard, Belfast Harbour – Electrical System Controls

Client: Clearways
Project length: 30 months
HF divisions involved: Electrical, Automated Controls

We are about to start on-site works for complete shredder plant and ancillaries at Ireland’s largest scrap processing plant located at Clearways main yard in Belfast harbour.

This will be a full scale system integration of all electrical aspects of plant from 33kV design/supply and installation down to optical Ethernet networks and PLC control system.

Project Time: 24 months (development and design), 6 months installation

Contract value: £750 ,000

electrical systems for automated controls electrical systems design electrical control systems

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

Automated Controls Services UK

Client: Sigma- Aldrich Corporation, Irvine, Scotland, UK
Project length: 72 weeks
Project value: 7.2 million
HF divisions involved: Electrical, Fire and Security, Mechanical, Automated Controls

HF have recently assisted in the expansion of SAFC’s existing facility in Irvine which included a dry powder milling and blending facility. HF were responsible for the full mechanical, electrical & process control packages.

SAFC is the custom manufacturing and services unit of Sigma- Aldrich Corporation. The company is recognized as a top 10 Global specialty chemicals and biologics supplier. As a trusted manufacturer for the life science and high technology industries, SAFC works closely with customers to resolve development challenges and accelerate the product pipeline, utilizing its global “Centres of Excellence” and dedicated manufacturing facilities. HF is proud to have been party of the Scottish centre based in Irvine.

Find out more about SAFC at https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/united-kingdom.html


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