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5 benefits of access control systems

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From residential properties, commercial office space and industrial premises.  Access control systems are one of the most powerful methods of security used to protect your staff and high value internal assets, stock, equipment and more.

But access control systems are not just a simple lock/unlock system.  With modern thermal screening systems and facial recognition, access control systems have many benefits to them beyond simply granting access to authorised personnel and blocking unwanted access to buildings and areas within buildings for visitors and thieves.

Here are 5 key benefits of using Access Control Systems for your business.

1 – Workplace Efficiency

Facial recognition allows access control systems to double up as a clock in/clock out system that allows your business to effectively monitor staff movement, punctuality and arrival time. This can allow you to remove complex manual check in systems and create a better workplace data stream for staff attendance (vital for fire alarm drills and emergency building evacuation).

Thermal screening incorporated into access control systems can also provide an invaluable asset to staff health.  After the Covid-19 pandemic, thermal screening has allowed businesses to better track sickness in the workplace.  If a staff member exceeds a set temperature, they can be stalled from entering the building and passing on contagious illness to other staff.

Access Control Systems allow employees to move freely through the workplace and can be customised to cover multiple locations within a building or premises.  This allows workers to move freely across multi premises with ease.

2 – Cost Savings

Thanks to the advances in smart technology, access control systems can be synced with heating systems and lighting in order to increase efficiency and cut down on unwanted waste energy.  Access control systems can ensure that lights are turned off in office space that is empty. The same can be done with heating systems.  The long term financial savings of access control systems can truly add up depending on the size of your business premises.

3 – Staff Security

Access control systems can provide great safety benefits.  In the event of a fire emergency, the data from Access Control Systems can provide Emergency Response Teams with invaluable information about who is inside a building.  This data has saved countless lives already in businesses across the UK.

Access control systems also provide peace of mind for staff as the system will not let intruders in.  This helps to create a safe working space for your team.

4 – Replacing Keys

No more jingle gangle of a bunch of keys and no more long waits at a door as you try to remember which key opens which door.  Access control systems saves time and removes human error from lost or misplaced keys.  Access control systems can operate on key cards, fobs and facial recognition and be be easily activated/deactivated should a key card be lost or stolen or an employee leaves the company.

5 – A security system with room to grow

Access control systems can grow with your business.  So you may want to initially introduce an external door security system to allow all staff into the building.  This system can then grow with the business so that as you want to introduce discretionary access to areas of the building, you can.

Access control systems can be scaled not just with company growth of facilities size but also with the employee status of individuals within the company.

This flexibility is designed into the system and the varied levels of restriction and access that it can offer allows business to evolve their security system as their demands change.  This adaptability makes access control systems a far more appropriate solution to security entry than traditional lock and key security systems.

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